Monday, July 24, 2017

EC Teacher Planner Headers & Checklist Pages

I've been busy this summer scoring for National Boards, but I finally had time to sit down and work on something that I've been meaning to do since I got my EC Teacher Planner in my hands.

I don't know about you, but it never fails that I order beautiful custom headers from a shop on Etsy and then my schedule changes or something else happens and then I can't use the stickers that I paid for. I decided that I wasn't going to do that again!

I created my own headers to use in my teacher planner. I color coordinated the best I can without being able to make water color stickers, and spent hours playing around with the size of the header boxes to make sure they fit in my planner {hopefully} perfectly. I customized with one of my favorite AG {Amy Groesbeck} fonts and they are ready to go! There are enough headers on one page for 4 weeks worth of plans, and you can easily duplicate the page to have another set if you teach different courses each quarter/semester.

The best thing about these being editable is that you can change the size of the headers if needed to use 2 boxes {or more} for one class. :) I'll post a sample of my labels at the end of this post!

One set of pages that I always ended up not using were the checklist pages at the back of my planner. Don't get me wrong, they are AMAZING! However, I hate having to write my student names on every single page.

Problem solved! I also created labels/stickers that you can use for the checklist pages! I made labels for the student names - up to 36 names fit. There are 3 sets on the page for this. You can easily duplicate the page if you have more than 3 classes so that you can go ahead and type all of your students names in at once and print whenever needed.

Also included are boxes that go at the top of the page. You can easily customize them with abbreviated assignment names or the standards you are teaching. I also created larger boxes like this that would fit at the bottom of the page {depending on the number of students you have} so that you could put the objectives at the top and the assignment names at the bottom. You can easily delete all of the text boxes and print and then put on the pages so that you can write in the assignment names as you go. {My county requires you get at least 3 grades per objective, so I can easily print the objectives and then leave the assignment names blank and fill in as I go.} 

Change the fonts to your favorites {like I did here} and then print!
I personally decided to print the headers on full sheet labels and then cut out around the entire section of the headers for each page instead of cutting out each individual boxes. I did the same with the samples I made to show how I would use the checklist pages. You could easily print on regular paper and then glue in or use double sided tape to stick them down. Do whatever works for you. That is why I designed this file the way I did!

Here are what my sample pages look like:

I spent HOURS trying to figure out the exact spacing and colors {as close as I could get them} so that you can just type in your information and print. I wanted this to be as easy as possible for anyone that chooses to use them. I do plan to add boxes that will fit in the lesson plan pages so that you can actually print your plans and paste them in as well. 

Be sure to grab the file before it is updated so that you can get any other updates that come for free!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October Writing Unit

Wow, I can't believe that it is October already! It seems like just yesterday that I started working on creating this new blog, and then in the blink of an eye it's October! I started working at a brand new school this year, and I guess I didn't realize how time consuming it would be getting things ready for the year. My classroom still isn't completely ready, but at least the things that are left are continuing to put things up on the walls. This actually has its benefits because it allows us to create anchor charts together. I also don't hang up any posters until it is something that we have already covered. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be, after all?!

This month we are still trying to catch up on our writing lessons since we got behind due to BOY testing. However, I LOVE this time of year because there are so many options to get students interested in writing pieces with elaborate details due to Halloween. While I try to keep in mind all of the different cultures of my students, I LOVE having my students write a haunted house story each year. After seeing the amazing haunted house writing books available in the Dollar Spot at Target (yay!), I knew I had to keep going with this yearly tradition. Typically, I would have my students create their own haunted house using a template that a previous teammate created. We would spend a day or two cutting out the outline of the house and using colored construction paper and chalk to decorate it. This year, we can focus on the meat of the writing to publish an amazing story about a haunted house.

In years past, I used a modification of an Empowering Writers lesson to have my students focus on critical details to describe a haunted house. They would then use these details to create a haunted house story. I gave the students some freedom in their stories: some wrote funny stories, some wrote scary stories, and some wrote a mix of the two. They were always a lot of fun to read and the students had a lot of fun writing them.

Some of my teammates have done a Halloween piece that focuses more on selling a haunted house and using this as a time to work on persuasive writing. I think that is a great idea as well. I've seen several great products on TPT with this in mind. I'm still trying to come up with what I want my final plan to be this year. Thoughts or ideas?! I'd love to hear about it!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my new blog! I formerly had a blog called "Cute Classroom Creations", but I somehow managed to delete it sometime within the past year and had to start all over. I used to have a classroom theme with owls, so my previous blog matched it perfectly. However, I've been slowly transitioning away from the owls to a classroom that has a color theme of black + brights. With that new "theme", I was thinking about revamping my blog... so needless to say, accidentally deleting it some time ago allowed me to do that on my own! 

I have never really worked with HTML before, so it's been a learning experience trying to create a blog that I love! I have accumulated so much clipart over the years that I use in some of my classroom creations, so what better tool to use to help inspire me to come up with a new design. As a teacher, I love seeing what I call the "lightbulb moment" when my students finally grasp a new idea, and that is what inspired the new name of Bright Ideas. I plan to use this space to blog about my teaching ideas and reflect on my own teaching. Of course, I will share some of my creations here as well {both old and new}. 

I hope you will join me on this journey! I'd love to hear about your journey, too! Stay tuned for a new post soon!